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Welcome to The Muse. My name is Alexis Fox and I am the CEO & Founder. I am thrilled to share with you the first marketplace featuring exclusively female founded products.

This company was created out of love, opportunity, and many pivots that I, and we as women, have gone through the last few years. You may recognize some of the events listed below as pivotal moments in your own life.

All the love,
Alexis Fox

The Muse Magazine features interviews with successful female entrepreneurs from a variety of industries who dared to take the step to build their own businesses. In each article, readers can learn about the challenges and triumphs of women who have built their own businesses, as well as gain valuable insights and advice for their own career paths. From fashion designers to tech executives, our magazine celebrates the diversity and accomplishments of women in the business world



March 2017

The Women's March in Washington D.C.

Alexis and 2.6 million women & allies march the streets of Washington D.C.
"The march has inspired a wave of action around the world. Signs of resistance are arising everywhere."


Alexis is the only woman in the room.

In 2017, Alexis was studying Quantitative Economics and landed an internship at Deloitte, a multi-billion dollar consulting firm. Her business intellegence and analytical skills made her the perfect fit for the job, but she also found herself in the minority as a female in most of her classes.

Alexis graduated in 2018 and jumped into financial services, where she found herself as the only woman on her first project of 15 people. She didn't let it phase her.

November 2021

Women lead the Great Resignation

"Some women quit to pursue better opportunities and higher pay. Some were simply burnt out. Others have child- or elder-care issues."


Alexis has a mid-twenties crisis.
After working in Big-4 Consulting for over 3 years, Alexis decides to quit everything and pursue entrepreneurship. Similar to the millions of others that participated in the Great Resignation, Alexis felt burnt out from working hard, working overtime, and working for clients whose values didn’t align with hers.

She didn’t want to continue using her skills to make more millionaires into billionaires.

June 2022

Women lose the right to choose.

"Access to abortion is a right critical to guaranteeing a wide range of other human rights...Research has shown when abortion is banned or restricted, abortions do not cease, they just move underground."


Alexis launches The Muse.

The Muse is an online shop for women's reproductive health products and services. The store provides access to resources, such as contraception and abortion care, that are essential to the health of women around the world.

In a recent press conference, Founder Alexis shared her vision of a world in which all people have equal access to healthcare regardless

Passionate about supporting small businesses and bringing women together, Alexis invents and launches The Muse. She sees that while women are getting higher GPAs, earning more bachelor’s degrees, and building more successful businesses than men, their wealth doesn’t reflect that.