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Pleasure Recession.

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Mission behind The Muze


We believe in Holistic Success.

Modern professionals are experiencing an escalating burnout epidemic and are striving to juggle demanding careers with personal life and well-being. We strive to achieve success without sacrificing sanity.

The Muze is dedicated to empowering young professional women by providing comprehensive education in business and personal development.

We aim to inspire a balance of purposeful direction and pleasurable experiences, creating a new paradigm of holistic success for the modern woman.


Today's Stories

Jiselle's Story: Brewing Success in the Coffee Industry

"It's about following your heart, even if unconventional. I found my passion in a niche supporting women-owned coffee brands. Balancing motherhood and career, I've learned the importance of prioritizing and embracing the process. My advice? Trust your path and find joy in it. Supporting women-owned businesses is not just about individual success; it's about uplifting entire communities."

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Kathleen's Journey: Blending Style with Sustainability at Tiller Swim

"Growing up on the water and spending summers in a swimsuit shaped my identity. When I learned about the environmental impact of swimwear materials, it sparked a desire to find sustainable alternatives, leading to Tiller Swim. Our goal is to educate customers on sustainable choices and create versatile, long-lasting pieces. Supporting women-owned businesses is vital for bringing diverse perspectives to industry and innovation."

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The Muze featuring Lizzie Rosin, Founder & CEO of Rosin Studios

Lizzie Rosin founded Rosin Studios with the goal of creating stylish, sustainable clothing for everyone. She wanted to be a fashion designer since she was 12 years old, but it took until the COVID-19 Pandemi...

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Building The Muze | with CEO Alexis Fox

Alexis Fox is the Founder & CEO of The Muse marketplace, which connects female entrepreneurs with each other and with customers. In the following interview, Alexis connects with podcast host, Jummie Mose...

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